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Sanliurfa is one of the most important places of the historical and cultural sites. It has many sacred places to be visited by people from different faiths. “Place of Prophet Abraham”, “Prtophet Job’s Place” and “Pool of Prophet Abraham” (Fish Lake or in Turkish Balikli Gol)” are just few examples.

Manici Hotel, Sanliurfa is located just by Balikligol (Fish Lake).

Balikligol (Fish Lake) is next to Sanliurfa Castle and Place of Prophet Abraham.

These places Balikligol and Sanliurfa Castle is the center and also the heart of Sanliurfa.


The management of former Edessa Hotel was transfered to Manici Group Hotels in 2009. Just after the management transfer the Hotel was wholly renewed by the new Group within a very short period, just five months.

When Manici Hotel opened the doors and started to deliver the services in 2009, nobody believed that any Hotel could change so much. The decoration of Manici Hotel, the patio, the terrace are only some of the new views of the Hotel.

Only below two foreign customer comments are enough to describe Manici Hotel Sanliurfa; The real place of One Thousand and One Nights or Arabian Nights. The only Hotel in the region where someone wants to take the photos of all each ordinary place.

Manici Hotel also holds the Special Operating Certificate given by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

It is not possible to put into words about how magnificient place is Manici Hotel Sanliurfa. Free private parking and Free Wi-Fi Internet Access everywhere at the Hotel are some of the standard features. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Manici Hotel Sanliurfa, your home away home.